Westcoast Community Resources Society

Welcome to the Westcoast Community Resources Society (WCRS)

The Westcoast Community Resources Society is a non-profit organization which believes that every person in the community should have access to resources to enhance, and improve their well-being.

Click here to view our five-year Strategic Plan 2021-2026.

Mission Statement

We empower and support all members of our communities to move beyond systemic barriers, violence and abuse through the provision of safe shelter, education, and counselling services.

Vision Statement

Communities on the west coast feel a strong sense of belonging and live free from violence, and discrimination in all its forms.

Value Statement

Intersectional feminist principles
We center people’s overlapping and interacting social identities to create and provide services that recognize and work to counter power imbalances that exist in concurrent experiences of oppression.

Trauma- informed practices
We recognize that trauma is frequently part of people’s stories and take care that our spaces and services are as safe as possible, and
not re-traumatizing.

We believe that individuals are experts in their own lives and use a strengths-based approach, building on what clients know works
best for them.

Responding to people’s basic needs
We believe that every person deserves to have their basic needs met. A person’s basic needs are food, shelter, clothing, medical care, mental health care, and safety from violence.

Collaboration and partnerships
We work collaboratively with other organizations to respond to the needs of individuals in our communities.

Supporting individual and community resilience
We believe that healing thrives in and creates honest, compassionate, respectful, inclusive, and caring communities.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
10:00am to 4:00pm

Westcoast Community Resources Society

Westcoast Community Resources Society

Westcoast Transition House