PEACE Program for Children & Youth Experiencing Violence (Prevention Education Advocacy Counselling Empowerment)

For Children and Teens Whose Lives Have Been Affected by Violence

11 to 23 percent of all Canadian children are exposed to violence in the home.

Children who live in violent homes can suffer as much as if they were being abused directly. They often believe they are responsible for their parent’s and/or sibling’s safety and may blame themselves for the abuse. They may believe that conflict always results in violence and that violence is the way to win arguments and resolve problems.

We provide a safe place where children and youth can talk about their experiences, unlearn negative beliefs and develop healthy relationship building skills.

The PEACE Program offers:

– Individual or group counselling for the child or youth
 – Support for the parent or caregivers  


Counselling goals:  

– Offer children a safe place to talk about their feelings
– Let children know they’re not alone or at fault
– Help develop problem-solving and coping skills
– Address inter-generational violence and aggressive behaviour
– Learn about personal
– Practice healthy ways to express anger, hurt, sadness, etc.
– Identify causes and effects of
violence and abuse
– Explore common myths about family violence
– Increase self esteem and empower children with knowledge and skills
Other goals may be included based on each child’s individual needs.

The PEACE Program also offers violence prevention education workshops to the west coast communities.  

To make a referral or for more information please call
the Children’s Counselor
(250) 726-2343