Stopping the Violence Women’s Counselling Program

Women’s Counselling assists survivors of sexual assault, partner abuse, family violence, date rape, historic child abuse, stalking and sexual harassment.
Counselling can help you:

Reclaim a sense of self and your rights, which includes the right to make your own decisions, control your own money and manage your children.
Gain effective and confidential support and perspective about overwhelming and confusing experiences.
Make the best decision for yourself through exploring beliefs, feelings and the present situation.
We encourage women to trust their intuition, to talk about their feelings and to gain fresh perspectives and skills towards re-claiming their power.

Women’s Counselling offers:
One on one Counselling
Public education workshops
For More Information
Phone: 250-726-2343
Email: stv(at)

Open to women of every race, religion, ideology and sexual preference who seek healing from violence/trauma in their lives through the process of art.