PEACE Counselling

Program Description

P.E.A.C.E stands for Prevention Education Advocacy Counselling Empowerment

The PEACE Program is an intervention and prevention program providing therapeutic and psycho-educational individual and group counselling to children (ages 6 to 18) who have witnessed or experienced violence or abuse. Counselling is also provided to non-offending parents, guardians and family members.

The PEACE Counsellor supports children and youth who are experiencing stress or needing extra emotional support during life transitions. Sessions provide a safe place where children and youth can talk about their experiences, unlearn negative beliefs and develop healthy relationship building skills.

Referrals come from a variety of community service providers and self-referrals are also accepted.

Support Children and Youth

The PEACE program helps children and youth to:

  • Identify their feelings and express them in an healthy way
  • Recognize their strengths and increase their self-confidence
  • Overcome the short and long term effects of trauma
  • Understand what abuse is and that they are not responsible
  • Identify support networks and develop a safety plan
  • Develop conflict resolution skills
For more information visit the Violence is Preventable Program website

Additional Support and Activities

The PEACE Counsellor actively advocates for children and youth alongside delivering the counselling program. Other activities include:

  • Pre and post counselling for children required to testify in court
  • Assisting youth to relocate to safe homes and enroll in school
  • Attending and advocating for students (clients) at Individualized Education Plan meetings
  • Providing support and advocacy for parents seeking legal and child protection services
  • Delivery of the Violence is Preventable curriculum for school aged girls at Ucluelet and Tofino Elementary School


For more information on the PEACE program or to make a referral,
you may reach the program coordinator directly at