Sexual Assault Response Program (SARP)

Program Description

A team of trained volunteers and staff that are dedicated to
providing support and advocacy for those that have
been assaulted in the form of:

Emotional support.
Safety planning.
Information regarding medical options.
Support reporting to police.
Referrals for follow-up counselling and justice-related services.
Advocacy to survivors of sexualize assault of all genders.

There are options for survivors that may or may not include:

Reporting the assault to police.
Attending hospital for exam.
Receiving counselling.
3rd party reporting.

We can navigate these systems with you and support you
to make the choices that work for you.

After an assault…

There is no one way to be or one thing to do after a sexual assault.
You may feel numb, you may feel angry, you may have trouble communicating or physically shake. There are numerous ways
our bodies respond after trauma and are all valid.

It is important to know that you are not alone and that you are
not at fault. There are supports available that can help you
through this confusing time. There are choices in what
supports you access, if at all.

After an assault you can…

  • Your choice. We will respect and support the choice that you make. We can refer you to other supportive services such as counselling.
  • Limited medical treatment. You can access medication to prevent STI’s, pregnancy and or have an external exam.
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority: Forensic Nurse Exam (FNE) is accessible for 7 days after an assault. Examinations are by consent and will only be as extensive as you allow. Evidence from this exam may be kept for one year. RCMP do not have to be contacted unless you would like to file a report.
  • Medical Care. Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) is not performed and no police record is filed.
  • Medical Care and SAFE: this includes the documentation of physical injuries and forensic sample collection. the forensic samples are stored for one year so survivors have time to decide what they would like to do. No report to RCMP/Police by a FNE.
  • Medical Care and SAFE, where forensic samples are provided to RCMP immediately, with the survivors consent.


For more information on our Sexual Assault Response Program,
you may reach the program coordinator directly at