Transition House FAQ

Taking the decision to contact the Transition House for support is a big step and one that can cause uncertainty and nervousness. Our FAQ page has been written by our staff and tries to answer some of the most frequent questions we get asked about the Transition House.

Our staff are used to working with women in crisis and their dependent children and are always available to help and support you. If you have any more questions and would like to talk to one of our support staff, please:

24-hour support line: 250-726-2020
toll-free: 1-877-726-2080
text message (SMS): 250-266-0187

What is a “Transition House”?

A Transition House is a safe house for women and their children that are fleeing violence. The Transition House offers a safe and supportive environment and provides access to services and supports for decision-making, short-term shelter or housing, and referrals.

When should I call the Transition House?

We are available by phone or text 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you are wondering if you should call, that is when you need to call us. We can help provide you with resources or information even if you decide not to come to the Transition House.

Can I bring my children in with me?

The Transition House welcomes women and their dependent children who are fleeing violence.

Can I bring my pets?

We may be able to accommodate in certain situations. Please let the Transition House staff know of any special circumstances surrounding your admission into the Transition House (such as a pet). Do not let your pet(s) keep you away.

What if I am not ready or wanting to come into the Transition House, can I still call?

Absolutely. Our staff are available 24/7 to offer you support and guidance. We honor whatever choice you make. We are able to provide you with additional information and resources that may be helpful to you at this time.

How bad does the abuse have to be before I can call?

Call. Please do not wait until you think the bad is bad enough. If you have been threatened with physical violence, do not wait until it escalates before you reach out. Verbal abuse is just as devastating as physical abuse.

How long can I stay at the Transition House?

Each stay at the Transition House is assessed at the time of intake and is open to review depending on your circumstances. The Transition House offers temporary stays while going through a transitional place in life. We cannot offer long term stays at this time, but we can help you with your next steps.

Is the Transition House safe?

We have taken numerous precautions to keep our staff and residents safe and comfortable during their stay. Our location is confidential and is not shared with anyone except our residents and staff.

I want to move to the area and cannot find housing. Can I stay at the Transition House?

We prioritize service to people already living in or from the community, and cannot accept stays related to a lack of housing availability.

What should I bring with me?

Bring with you enough clothing and personal items for you to be comfortable. No more than one large suitcase per person please as space is limited.

The Transition House can provide you with emergency toiletries and some clothing items if needed.

Some items you may want to consider are: ID, care card, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank card, cash, keys, medications or prescriptions, items for your children, legal forms if necessary and any small items of sentimental value.

What can I expect from the Transition House?

The Transition House is a communal living arrangement that offers the comfort of a home-like environment that is shared with other residents. You will have your own bedroom, access to a shared full kitchen and bathing and laundry facilities. The house is staffed 24 hours a day and is a secure confidential residence that is monitored.

I don’t have a phone. How can I contact the Transition House?

If there is a payphone around you, you can call our toll-free number. You can also go to local stores such as Co-op or a drug store and ask to borrow their phone.

Is there any other way to get in touch with the Transition House?

If you are unable to safely call the Transition House, we can also be reached by email at
We have a Facebook page that you can leave a message for Transition House staff on.
Please note that our responses are delayed with email and Facebook and they are not as secure or immediate as a phone call.

Is my call and information confidential?

Yes, your call and personal information is kept confidential, as are any details surrounding your stay at the Transition House. The only time the Transition House staff would share any information is if there is a concern for your personal safety or for the safety of another.

Can I contact the Transition House if I am a male?

We prioritize providing transitional housing and resources for women in the community. We are not a crisis line but can provide support (in the form of resources) if you are in need.

Please contact the Vancouver Island Crisis Line at 1-888-494-3888 if you are a male in crisis.